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Carnet de Passages: the passport for your vehicle

The Carnet de Passages is an international customs document.

It is required in certain countries of Africa, Asia and South America as well as in Australia and New Zealand for the duty-free and temporary importation of a vehicle.

Here you can find important information about the Carnet de Passages.
  • Validity and issuing date
    From 1st of January 2019 it is not longer possible to issue a Carnet de Passages in advance due to a change in our system!
    That means the validity date corresponds to the issuing date. The Carnet is valid for 12 months from this date.
    Please consider this matter when applying for your Carnet.

  • Phone and visiting hours

    Phone hours:
    0049 89 76 76 63 38
    Monday - Friday: 08.00 - 14.00 (8 am - 2 pm)

    Visiting hours:

    Due to organizational reasons we can't welcome clients personally. Please contact us by phone or e-mail (cdp@adac.de).

  • India

    When entering India with the Carnet de Passages, the Indian customs authority often requires a confirmation issued by ADAC. Hereby we confirm that your Carnet was issued by ADAC.

    As Indian customs authority often wants to receive this confirmation directly from ADAC, we don't send it to you with the Carnet. 
    The request of this confirmation may cause delay on entry.

  • Iran

    December 13, 2018:

    The importation of luxury cars and American branded vehicles is still forbidden.

    The restriction to import temporarily motorcycles with engine capacity of more than 250 CC is still valid. Nevertheless the importation of motorcycles seems to be no problem.

    October 16, 2018:

    Until now, the refusal of temporary importation is officially still valid. Though the importation of motorcycles seems to be no problem.

    August 7, 2018:

    The temporary importation of any American branded vehicle into Iran is forbidden!
    August 2, 2018:
    Since July 23, 2018 the temporary importation of motorcycles with engine capacity of more than 250 CC and of American branded motorcycles is forbidden.
    Since receipt of this notification, we work at high pressure to obtain more information.
    As soon as we know more, we will inform you.

  • Indonesia

    Since end of August 2016, vehicle importation rules in Indonesia have become stricter: 

    Travellers, who would like to import their vehicle temporarily under a Carnet de Passages, have to provide different information to the Indonesian automobile club to avoid long waiting periods at the border.

    Please provide following information to the club (IMI) by e-mail at the latest one week before your planned entry: imi@imi.co.id

    • Name 
    • Country of residency 
    • Carnet number 
    • Port and date of entry to Indonesia
    • Itinerary plan in Indonesia
    • Port and date of exit from Indonesia

  • Libya
    Until further notice no Carnet de Passages will be issued with validity in Libya.
    For further information about the temporary importation of your vehicle please get in contact with the Libyan Embassy.

  • Mongolia

    You don't need a Carnet de Passages for the temporary importation of a vehicle into Mongolia.
    In case of still using the Carnet for the temporary importation, please note that you have to follow the same customs procedures for the closure of the Carnet as when using the document in Carnet-relevant countries.
    If the Carnet is not stamped properly, the security can be released only after a certain period of prescription!

  • South African Customs Union 
    (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland)

    The maximum period of stay for your vehicle is 12 months. During this period you must have a valid and confirmed Carnet de Passages.

    If your vehicle cannot be exported out of South African Customs Union and if your Carnet de Passages is going to expire, the stay can be extended for another year. For this you definitely need the approval of South African customs auhtority and a Follow-up Carnet.

    Further information about the procedure (substitution) can be found here: Extension CdP for the Southern African Customs Union,    PDF 145 KB

  • Thailand
    Since 1st of January 2017 there are stricter rules in Thailand concerning the temporary importation of your own vehicle. 
    Please note that you need a permission for the temporary import. 
    For further information please contact the Department of Land Transport at least 30 working days before your planned entry: www.dlt.go.th/en/

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