Carnet de Passages – the passport for your vehicle

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You're planning to drive round Australia with your own vehicle, to set out east on the Silk Road or want to go on a safari in Africa? A carefull preparation is essential in advance. Among others, you will be asked for a Carnet de Passages at many border crossings outside Europe.

  • Carnet de Passages: An international customs document for the duty-free and temporary importation of a vehicle

  • Required in certain countries of Africa, Asia and South America as well as in Australia and New Zealand

  • Valid for twelve months

Carnet de Passages - Advice by ADAC

Phone hours:
+49 89 76 76 63 38
Monday–Friday: 08.00–14.00 (8 am - 2 pm)

Visiting hours:
Due to organizational reasons we can't welcome clients personally. Please contact us by phone or e-mail (

Important information

Due to the respiratory disease Covid-19, you should get in touch with your Ministry of Foreign Affairs and check the current status of entry requirements first.


Important note:

Due to the travel restrictions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and the possible closure of borders, it cannot currently be excluded that you may not be able to leave Iran in a vehicle by land. This means that re-exporting a vehicle from Iran in due time and form is not guaranteed.

Not re-exporting the vehicle from Iran in due time will leave the carnet holder with very high customs claims and also customs penalties.

If you have any queries, please contact the ADAC Customs Documents (Grenzverkehr) team at +49 89 76 76 63 38 or


Holders of a Pakistani passport (also persons of dual nationality) must not temporarily import a vehicle under cover of a Carnet de Passages. They must not use any vehicle with non-Pakistani registration inside Pakistan either.

Notice dated 5th November 2021:

According to the closure of borders the entry and transit by land to/ through Pakistan is not possbile by now.


When entering India with the Carnet de Passages, the Indian customs authority often requires a confirmation issued by ADAC. Hereby we confirm that your Carnet was issued by ADAC. As Indian customs authority often wants to receive this confirmation directly from ADAC, we don't send it to you with the Carnet. The request of this confirmation may cause delay on entry.

Notice dated 5th November 2021:

According to the closure of borders the entry and transit by land to/ through India is not possbile by now.


Since end of August 2016, vehicle importation rules in Indonesia have become stricter:
Travellers, who would like to import their vehicle temporarily under a Carnet de Passages, have to provide different information to the Indonesian automobile club to avoid long waiting periods at the border.
Please provide following information to the club (IMI) by e-mail at the latest one week before your planned

• Name
• Country of residency
• Carnet number
• Port and date of entry to Indonesia  
• Itinerary plan in Indonesia  
• Port and date of exit from Indonesia


Generally, the Carnet de Passages is required for the temporary importation of a vehicle into Japan. Due to the ratification of different conventions on the road traffic, Japanese authorities don’t accept vehicle registrations from Germany, Switzerland, Monaco or Slovenia. Therefore, it is possible that the temporary importation will be refused even if you have a Carnet de Passages. 

For further information please contact JAF directly:*. This is why you have first to let verify the Carnet at the Japanese Automobile Association JAF. After the verification, your vehicle will be inspected and registered in Japan.

*By clicking on the links, you will be redirected to external websites for which the respective site operator is responsible.


You don't need a Carnet de Passages for the temporary importation of a vehicle into Mongolia.
In case of still using the Carnet for the temporary importation, please note that you have to follow the same customs procedures for the closure of the Carnet as when using the document in Carnet-relevant countries.


Since 1st of January 2017 there are stricter rules in Thailand concerning the temporary importation of your own vehicle. Please note that you need a permission for the temporary import.
For further information please contact the Department of Land Transport of Thailand* at least 30 working days before your planned entry.

*By clicking on the links, you will be redirected to external websites for which the respective site operator is responsible.


At the moment, the Carnet de Passages is not accepted by the customs authority in Bangladesh. That means that the Carnet cannot be used for the temporary importation. For the temporary importation of the vehicle, a deposit must be lodged at the customs authority at the port of entry in Bangladesh.

An Overview - Which country requires a Carnet?

Here you can see if you need a Carnet de Passages for your journey.

PDF, 1,02 MB
PDF ansehen
Middle East
PDF, 816 KB
PDF ansehen
PDF, 694 KB
PDF ansehen
Asian-Pacific region
PDF, 383 KB
PDF ansehen
South America
PDF, 354 KB
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North America
PDF, 479 KB
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Application and use

The Carnet de Passages can be issued in the name of only one person and for one vehicle. That means it is not transferrable to another person or vehicle. The document's holder is liable for consequences which reveal from loss or abuse of an unauthorized third party.
The Carnet is regarded as an official document and stays property of ADAC. That's why the document's holder should keep it carefully.

Please send the complete documents for the application

  • original application form (3 pages) signed by the applicant 

  • copy of ID or passport

  • copy of vehicle registration papers

  • original and signed collateral promise (3 pages), if you aren't the owner of the vehicle

  • copy of automobile membership card (affiliated to the FIA)

  • original bank guarantee form (if you have applied for one) 

to following address:
Hansastr. 19
80686 München/Munich

You can download and print the application form for the Carnet de Passages here:

application form
PDF, 477 KB
PDF ansehen

Follow-up Carnet for your onward journey

If your Carnet de Passages is going to expire or is running out of pages and you want to continue your journey, you will need a follow-up Carnet.
Please apply for it 6 to 8 weeks before the expiry date of your Carnet at ADAC in Munich.
For the issuing of the follow-up Carnet we need a new application form as well as the same documents of the first application. Please download here the current version.
If you then decide to go to countries which are not covered by the actual Carnet, the deposit must be increased. If not, the deposit will be transferred to the follow-up Carnet.
The issuing fee has to be paid again. Please use the actual table of fees.

The old Carnet will be stamped out on exit and the new one will be stamped in on entry.

application form
PDF, 477 KB
PDF ansehen

Extension of Carnet validity

If a vehicle cannot be exported from a country within the Carnet validity, it can usually be extended by another three months. This is only possible in a country where an automobile club exists.
Please apply for the extension 4 to 6 weeks before the expiry at ADAC and the foreign automobile club. The foreign automobile club will get in contact with foreign customs authority. We can provide the according contact details upon request.
Customs authority has to give its approval for this extension. As soon as the extension was granted by customs authority, the foreign automobile club will ask for our permission. We will give our permission as soon as the extension fee (proportional paying based on the issuing fee) is on our bank account.

An extended Carnet is only valid in the country of extension. You can use it for leaving the country only, not for continuing your journey (please see Follow-up Carnet).

There are special rules in a few countries:

Extension South Africa
PDF, 121 KB
PDF ansehen
Extension Australia
PDF, 49,4 KB
PDF ansehen
Extension New Zealand
PDF, 111 KB
PDF ansehen

FAQs about your trip

Here you find answers to frequently asked questions concerning the Carnet de Passages:

What is a Carnet de Passages?

The Carnet de Passages is a customs document and replaces the lodging of a deposit on entering a country. The Carnet guarantees the country you are visiting that your vehicle will be exported. It can be used in several countries and it is valid for one year. The insurance for the vehicle is not included.

For how long is the Carnet de Passages valid?

The Carnet de Passages is valid for twelve months. The respective customs authority decides the maximum period of stay for the vehicle. This period can be different to the validity of the Carnet. An extension of the Carnet has to be asked for directly at the foreign automobile club or ADAC issues a Follow-up Carnet (please see tab Application/ Use). In both cases, please get in contact with us at least 6 weeks before expiry of the Carnet.

How much do I have to pay for a Carnet de Passages?

You have to lodge a deposit for the Carnet. The deposit depends on the vehicle value and the countries, you intend to visit. Additionally, you have to pay an issuing fee (handling fee). In case you require a shipment by DHL Express, there will be an additional shipment fee.

The exact costs for the Carnet can be found in the application documents (please see table of fees).

How much time does ADAC need for the issuing of a Carnet de Passages?

As soon as all required documents (original and signed application form, copy of passport, vehicle registration papers and automobile membership card) and the payment of deposit and issuing fee have been received by ADAC, we need approximately 2 - 3 weeks for the issuing and dispatch. During high season from May to October and before Christmas holidays you should expect an issuing time of approximately 6 weeks.

When can I apply for a Carnet de Passages?

Please send all required documents in time (at least four weeks prior to your trip start date). We can issue the Carnet maximum 28 days prior to the validity start date.
Due to organizational reasons we can't keep an application form for more than six months. Shall your Carnet validity start in more than six months or you don't submit missing documents in this period, we will destroy your application documents under data security aspects. You will then have to send all required documents at a later time again.

I am first travelling through Europe and I need the Carnet de Passages later during my journey. How can I apply for the Carnet de Passages?

You can apply before your departure for the Carnet de Passages. Please clarify the dispatch modalities with ADAC.

Please note that the Carnet can be pre-dated only 28 days. The Carnet de Passages will be issued and sent on time to any address you wish by DHL. The costs for DHL have to be paid by the applicant.

In case your Carnet shall be valid in more than six months, you can't apply before your departure. Therefore we kindly ask you to send the required documents by email or post while on the move.

Where do I have to send my Carnet to after the expiry of the Carnet?

Please send your expired Carnet by registered mail or courier to:
Hansastrasse 19
80686 München

When your journey is over and your vehicle is back in the country of registration, please present your vehicle and the Carnet to your national customs authority. It has to stamp and confirm the Certificate of Location (page 26 in the Carnet).

If you have a follow-up Carnet, please don't forget to send along a copy of the first page inside. This copy must contain the vehicle data as well as a foreign customs stamp.

Does the vehicle need to stay registered in my country of residency during my journey?

We recommend you to keep your vehicle registered because you will need a valid registration as soon as you return to Europe.

Which insurance do I need for the journey?

In most countries you are obliged to present a liability insurance. Probably your insurance company doesn’t offer a global liability insurance. That’s why it is possible to take out insurance at the border of a country with liability insurance duty. The Carnet de Passages does not include any vehicle insurance.

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