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Carnet de Passages: The Passport for your vehicle

The international customs document Carnet de Passages permits the temporarily duty free importation of road vehicles into certain countries of Asia, Africa, South America, to Australia and New Zealand. It entitles a person to take several trips with the same vehicle and is usually issued with one-year validity.

The Carnet de Passages is a guarantee for a foreign country that the vehicle will be re-exported within the time limit of duty free importation and if the vehicle can not be re-exported (e.g. total loss, theft), that all duties and taxes will be paid. 

The basis for the issue of the Carnet de Passages are International Customs Conventions. Carnets de Passages are issued by the federation: AIT/ FIA (Alliance Internationale de Tourisme/ Federation Internationale de l'Automobile).

Survey of those countries, where the Carnet de Passages is required, not required or recommended.

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This information has been meticulously compiled. We make no representation or warranty in respect of accuracy or completeness of the information. Please contact the relevant embassy or a consulate to establish if there are possible (import) bans or restrictions.

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