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Digital section toll A10 Tauern motorway

on the ADAC toll portal




Why buy a digital section toll for Austria online via the ADAC toll portal?

Immediate start of validity

The digital section toll is valid immediately upon purchase.

Daumen hoch für den ADAC als Mautpartner

Authorised online sales partner

The ADAC is an authorised online sales partner of ASFINAG.

Bild von zwei Streckenzielen die schnell erreicht werden

No delays or interruptions

No queuing and time wasted at petrol stations and toll stations.

Bild von durchgestrichenen Geldmünzen und EC-Karte

No service and processing fees

You only pay the section toll price and no service fees.

Where is the Tauern section toll segment located?

The Tauern motorway A10 is an important north-south connection within Austria that runs from Salzburg to Villach and requires a vignette. There is a section toll segment between the Flachau junction and the Rennweg junction for travelers on the way to Carinthia (Kärnten) or Slovenia.

No vignette is required for above mentioned segment of the Tauern motorway. However, if you use the remaining part of the A10, you will need a vignette.

How much is the Tauern section toll?

Vehicle CategoryNumber of Trips / Tickets PriceTauern Section Toll Segment
Car / Motorcycle1 Trip / Ticket€ 13.50 Buy Tauern section Toll
2 Trips / Tickets€ 27 Buy Tauern section toll

How does the digital section toll work on the Tauern motorway?

When ordering the Tauern section toll via the ADAC toll portal, the vehicle license plate is requested and saved.

When you drive through the St. Michael toll booth, the electronic license plate recognition takes effect and allows you to pass without stopping.

A green lane marked specifically for route tolls allows for quick, traffic-free passage.

Further motorway and expressway segments subject to section toll in Austria

A13 Brenner motorway section toll

A9 Pyhrn motorway section toll

S16 Arlberg expressway section toll

A11 Karawanken motorway section toll (southbound only)

Buy 1-Day and 10-Day vignettes for Austria online

10-Day Vignette Austria

The digital 10-Day Vignette with immediate validity allows you to drive on toll-compulsory motorways and speedways in Austria. The validity period of the 10-day Vignette begins on the 1st day of validity plus 9 additional calendar days. The 10-day Vignette costs € 11.50 for cars (incl. trailers) and € 4.60 for motorbikes.

1-Day Vignette Austria

A new vignette is now available in Austria: the digital 1-Day vignette (Daily vignette). It is valid for one calendar day from 00:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.. The 1-Day Vignette is available in the ADAC toll portal. The cost for a 1-Day Vignette for cars and motor vehicles up to and including 3.5 tonnes is €8,60 and €3.40 for motorcycles.

Buy a 1-Day vignette online