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Crash test facility & Crash tests

Today, we just expect new vehicles to be very safe in crashes. This is owed to a large extent to ADAC’s long-term crash testing campaign. On a regular basis, our engineers test vehicles newly launched on the market. The ADAC crash test facility is one of only a handful of test centres accredited by Euro NCAP for its pan-European assessment programme.

Our test know-how for your security

The state-of-the-art crash facility at ADAC Technik Zentrum is the place where ADAC designs and implements professional vehicle and component tests.

  • Accreditation
    The ADAC crash test facility has been officially accredited as a Euro NCAP test laboratory. In addition, quality management has been designated according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).
  • Our own Euro NCAP-approved crash facility
    In the 1990ies, a European consortium was formed to develop the Euro NCAP pan-European crash test standard (New Car Assessment Programme). Today, ADAC is an active member of this consortium. Since 1999, ADAC Technik Zentrum has used its own crash facility, which is one of a few Euro NCAP-approved facilities in Europe and covers a variety of different tests ranging from vehicle crash tests to pedestrian protection tests and component tests.
  • The Crash Test Facility, Facts & Figures

    The facility

    • Indoor test range: 20x20x6.5m metres
    • Acceleration track: 168m total, of which 72m covered
    • Collision speeds: min. 5kph max. 120kph
    • Collision speed sled: max. 80kph
    • Overall mass: max. (car-on-car) 5,000kg
    • Max. vehicle mass (up to 120kph): 3,500kg
    • Max. payload on sled: 1,500kg
    • Precision of photo camera actuation: +/– 1ms
    • Cameras: high-speed video cameras allowing on-board photography even under tight conditions of installation
    • Measurement instrumentation shockproof up to 100g, 150 lead channels

    Annex building

    The adjacent building houses spaces for

    • mechanically preparing vehicles for testing
    • taking the static measuring of vehicles before and after testing
    • conducting pedestrian protection tests

    The annex building also houses a large conference room.

    Climate chamber

    The first section of the covered acceleration track is a climate chamber. Here, crash vehicles and dummies can be conditioned to precisely defined temperatures, which is an essential prerequisite for keeping the dummy reaction and load values reproducible.

  • State-of-the-art technology to yield significant results

    The ADAC crash test facility was designed to comply with current and future crash test standards. In the present structure, we can implement the following test configurations:

    Vehicle tests

    • Frontal impact one vehicle to rigid or deformable barrier with
      selectable offset
    • Side and oblique impact vehicle or moving barrier to stationary vehicle
    • Vehicle to pole impact, frontal and side
    • Rear-end impact vehicle or moving barrier to stationary vehicle
    • Rolling cart rollover test
    • Frontal impact vehicle to vehicle, offset selectable
    • Frontal impact motorcycle to obstacle or vehicle
    • Special test configurations, e.g. HGV underrun protection
    • Pedestrian protection

    Sled tests

    • Car seats/head rests
    • Child restraint systems
    • Vehicle furniture e.g. for delivery vans
    • Car accessories e.g. roof rack systems, bicycle racks, roof boxes
    • Other superstructures / bodies in white at request

    The facility complies with all applicable ECE and FMVSS requirements and the Euro NCAP standards.

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Crashtest demonstrieren auch, welchen Herstellern Sicherheit sehr wichtig ist. Sie zeigen aber auch, was man selbst falsch machen kann. Falsche Sitzposition, schlecht oder gar nicht angeschnallt, Kindersitz verkehrt eingebaut - die Möglichkeiten sind zahlreich.

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- ADAC Homepage -


Schadstoffe in Kinderspielzeug, Plastikprodukten und etwa auch Kindersitzen? Das wollten wir genau wissen und unterziehen die Sitze auch einer Schadstoffprüfung!

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Im ADAC Test: Alle wichtigen Automodelle auf dem deutschen Markt. Stärken und Schwächen zeigen sich nach Durchlaufen von über 300 Prüfkriterien.

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