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Hire a motorcycle for your ultimate riding experience in Germany and Europe

A motorbike conveys the feeling of freedom and independence. Visit Germany and enjoy the stunning beauty of the country on the back of a motorcycle now! There’s an easy way to rent one. Whether extended motorcycle tours for two weeks or test rides on different types of bikes on a weekend, your ADAC motorcycle rental makes it possible with professional rental partners.

Motorcycle brands and models

Available rental motorbikes range from practical city scooters over powerful roadsters to casual adventure vehicles or dynamic sport machines. All major and popular brands are offered. A valid driver's license corresponding to the desired motorcycle class is required.

Experience the fascination of riding: Rent a motorbike and discover the adventure of the road! Because it goeas without saying: Your journey is your reward.

European destinations, magnificent Alpine passes and stunning landscapes

rent and ride, motorbike riders germany and europeGermany and the neighboring countries offer a variety of beautiful and scenic biker routes. Especially through the Alps with their majestic alpine passes like Grimsel, Gotthard-Pass or Susten in Switzerland, the Stilfser Joch and the Sellaronda in Italy or the Timmelsjoch and the Großglockner in Austria - just to name a few.

Renting a motorcycle is the perfect way to discover the best parts of Europe and its breathtaking countryside, the incomparable experience in its unique mountain range, the historic towns stemming from all centuries or the stylish ambience of its beaches.
An unforgettable experience - a real motorcycling adventure!

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